Testimonials and Weight Loss Success Stories



Harry -“Still eating normal food daily….priceless”

13 Months – lost 30.5 pounds (13.8 Kg), 7.75 inches (19.7 cm) from stomach & 5.75 inches (14.6 cm) from chest.



Kelly -“This diet has changed my life!”

5 Months – lost 16 pounds (7.3 Kg), 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) from stomach, 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) from chest, 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) from hips, 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) from thighs.



 Dr. Ronald M. Frank

Five Stars (Amazon Review)


Unbelievably simple and yes this can work!

The Change Control Diet is a very simple approach to weight loss that anyone can follow and succeed. This book is not about dieting rather it is about changing your lifestyle. There’s no prescribed menu, point counting, or medication. I strongly agree with the Program’s philosophy about slowly changing eating habits and incorporating additional activity into your daily routine to bring about long term weight loss. Losing weight does not need to be a complicated process.  


Thanks for putting in writing what I have been trying to explain to patients for years. I am recommending this book to my patients.


Ronald M Frank, MD FAAFP

Green Brook Family Medicine,

Green Brook, NJ 




Kirkus Reviews, a leading authority in book reviews features the Change Control Diet on the front page of KirkusReviews.com on May 16, 2014!


"Suiter’s guide introduces readers to the author’s flexible, effective plan for long-term, healthy weight loss. The easy-to-follow charts and uplifting tone will make this book an invaluable resource for many readers struggling with the scale." 

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Change Control Diet Works! Lost 17 lbs in 11 weeks

Submitted by Dan Mendoza (Amazon Review)


“This book is not about dieting rather it is about lifestyle.  I was skeptical and impatient at first when I started to follow the book's advise of slow, gradual, incremental management of my daily lifestyle's habit including food intake.  Once I started seeing the difference, I became a "convert”.  The living proof is my result to-date; lost 17 lbs in 11 weeks."



Get the book!

Submitted by Sara Highbaugh (Amazon Review)


“Instructions are very helpful and have given my diet structure. If you are looking to lose, this is the best method I've seen yet.”




On My Way to Better Self-Esteem

Submitted by Lisa Snyder (Amazon Review)


“Harry's idea of continuing to eat what you like but spacing it out during the course of the day is actually a great idea and this is what I have started doing. I am noticing that I am beginning to shed pounds here and there and I'm not finding that I'm gorging on food.”




An easy way to lose weight and keep it off

Submitted by Kelsey (GoodReads Review)


“It explains everything in an easy to understand manner and gives you helpful charts that break down the elements of this diet. Best of all, its not as restricting as other diets and it lets you eat "real food" or rather things like cheeseburgers and ice cream (in moderation of course)!!”




An excellent program with a no nonsense approach to diet and exercise

Submitted by Matt Novello (Amazon Review)


“The best part about this books program is the progression through steps of diet and exercise, and the fact that you advance to the next steps only when you have adjusted to the last. I would recommend this book to people who have struggled with weight loss and want to follow a real world approach.” 




A great weight loss book

Submitted by Donna Wetzel (GoodReads Review)


“I thought this was a great weight loss book. Thanks Goodreads, I won this free book and finished reading it in a day. Change Control Diet had a very common sense approach to weight loss.” 



The Controller is in your hands!!!

Submitted by Ralph Emmerson (Amazon Review)


“Refreshing to read about a way of taking control of your weight by avoiding the flip-flop approach to weight control in the US today. The author's public confession about how he also changed other aspects of his life was very touching.” 




Great concept!

Submitted by Sheldon Serrao (Amazon Review)


“Finally a plan that works. I have tried; Nuti-system, fat flush diet, Weight not, South Beach, weigh watchers....just to name a few. I lost weight on all those plans but I was miserable during the process and gained it back at some point.”




This book is exactly right!!!

Submitted by John Kolker “JK” (Amazon Review)


“I am using this book as one of my tools to recover from cardiac arrest and turning my life around as a formerly-fat-unhealthy-guy to become a fit endurance athlete. I highly recommend this book!”




Rational approach

Submitted by Jake (Amazon Review)


“This book makes the important point that attaining and maintaining a healthy weight is a matter of habit and we do not make major changes in habits easily. The approach of moving stepwise through levels of diet control and equilibrating at each before moving on makes sense as we all land on and move from our habits at different rates.”




Working with your timeline 

Submitted by Shane Serrao (Amazon Review)


“I liked this book because it gave me a new perspective in managing my expectations. Taking small steps, that are manageable and repeatable and that can be sustained over a longer period of time avoids the burn out”




The word "diet" in the title is not what I thought it meant...

Submitted by Mark A. Reynolds (Amazon Review)


“What I learned from this book is "diet" is about my lifetime diet. I learned to recognize how all types of foods can effect me, including my weight. I am much more conscious of the impact of foods when I am at the supermarket, or a resturaunt (even Burger King). The nice thing for me, and my wife is that we have not dramatically changed what we eat, just how much of each of those foods.”




Why I like this book and the method?

Submitted by Dima (Amazon Review)


“The method is based on physiological principles of weight gain/loss. Straight forward explanation, no fluff, sugar-coating or overpromises.”




Minimal Effort - Great Results - Easy to Maintain

Submitted by JF (Amazon Review)


“I have made some simple and gradual changes that are barely noticeable to me and I am experiencing weight loss. Definitely my kind of diet! Control Diet is a fantastic approach in the fact that it is a realistic way of losing weight and maintaining the weight loss without feeling like you have given up a lot.”




Easy to follow and easy to maintain long term!

Submitted by Patti Lehigh (Amazon Review)


“We all want a quick fix, a magic pill, an easy way to lose weight.  If something becomes too difficult to complete, most of us drop out and try the next fad. The "Change Control Diet" is NOT a fad. It allows you to be you - and change one small thing at a time and not sweat the bad days.”




Simple & Straight forward

Submitted by Jenny Tune (Amazon Review)


“I wish I had this book 20 years ago! Years and years of striving with no sustainable results - a simple, straightforward path to a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle!”




Highly Recommended for those Looking for a Permanent Weight Loss Solution

Submitted by Tina M (Amazon Review)  


“This is a great book if you're looking to learn new healthy habits and are tired of all those "diets" out there that don't deliver on long term weight loss. It provides a great perspective on guiding oneself through the transformation process of healthy weight loss through making small, controlled changes in diet and exercise to achieve and maintain a desired weight.”




Wow! A real solution to a real problem, April 2, 2014

Submitted by Joseph Reo (Amazon Review) 


“The Change Control Diet is a seamless method that fits with anyone's life style. More importantly, it makes sense from a human behavior perpsective. The small step changes explained in the book are based on sound psychological principles of how to change a habit - SLOWLY!”




Excellent Read and Very Doable Diet

Submitted by Richard Avent (Amazon Review)


“A very clear and easy to follow diet program. There is no expensive equipment or food to purchase, and each step is very well explained. The book gives you very good suggestions on how to add healthy habits to your daily routine.”




The keys to success are in this book

Submitted by MFaraq (Amazon Review)


“The Change Control Diet presents a logic that speaks the truth. We need a re-education on how nutrition, weight gain/loss functions. The Change Control Diet reveals this via tools of knowledge that will help you attain your goal weight! Definitely recommend buying this book- and it will be the last one you're likely to buy!!”




Finally a realistic approach!

Submitted by Allison Peckham (Amazon Reveiw)


“These changes can easily be implemented into regular life and unlike many diets seems to be much easier to follow in an ongoing status.”




Realistic approach to pose weight for everyone

Submitted by JBM (Amazon Review)


“Losing weight does not need to be complicated and this book gives you the foundation to achieve your goals. It is a realistic approach to watching what we eat and exercising to meet weight loss goals.”




Excellent Book! **** Highly Recommended!*****

Submitted by Susan Sarzo (Amazon Review)


“The Change Control Diet book makes total sense. It is an easy-to-follow, positive, practical approach to changing the way I eat and workout as well as improving other aspects of my life. Highly recommended!!!”




Amazed at the Results

Submitted by Jen C (Amazon Review)


“I have been on the change control diet for a little over 3 months now and even through the holidays I did not gain any weight- I basically made smarter choices with my eating and I did not deprive myself of anything... I just ate less of it! Try it out for yourself...you will be amazed at the results!”




A great weight loss program

Submitted by D. Kugelman (Amazon Review)


“I've been on this program for several weeks and I love the results. It's easy to follow and it's not too drastic. I don't feel like I'm starving myself to lose weight. Best of all I feel great!”



New Diet - change your life!!

Submitted by Laurie O (Amazon Review)


“I love the book!!! I have been following the tips and techniques for permanent weight loss and I have success. I am changing my life to a new me!”




Change Control Diet is not a Diet.

It’s a Lifestyle Change . . .

Take Control Now!