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I have called out in my book and in my website that the weight loss industry has failed.  The food industry is also a natural target and sure we can say they are a huge part of the problem.  But I want to be very clear in that I am not blaming the weight loss industry or food industry for obesity.  In fact, since I am now part of the weight loss industry, I take personal accountability for also failing to reduce obesity (which is my ultimate goal).  There are also a lot of great people in the weight loss industry that have big hearts and love to help people.  The problem though is in our education. 


Go to school to become a doctor, nutritionist or trainer and you are educated with very similar materials when it comes to nutrition and weight loss.  If we go back in time, this is really no different than when we thought that earth was flat or when we thought earth was the center of the universe.  As a result of being stuck in an "education rut", we have numerous programs that take similar approaches and we have been banging our heads against the wall for decades as obesity continues to rise worldwide.  Eat organic food, less carbs, lean protein, don’t eat processed foods, processed sugar is evil, the list goes on and on.  I am not here to debate what’s true and not true in this blog but I am here to raise awareness that we will not find the solution to obesity playing the blame game. 


At the end of the day we need to change the blame game into the accountability game.  Who is responsible and accountable for the choices that you make daily?  How is this any different than food and exercise choices that you make?  I am guilty and played the blame game myself for over 15 years for my own failures with weight loss.  However, after I stopped playing the blame game I was able to develop my own program and lose weight by still relying on the “evil food industry” for processed foods.  I have a basic understanding of calories and metabolism and had a major breakthrough in that standard diets fail to factor human behavior and how to change habits permanently.  The answer lies within controlling the rate at which you make changes to calorie reductions and food choices over time.  Hence, the program name of "Change Control Diet" emerged.


In closing, my view is no one is to blame and we are all accountable for the solution.  I encourage you to read the content in my website and other blog posts.  It’s time for a new direction in the industry.  That time is now…


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