It has failed with the main objective of reducing obesity.  And until we decide to do something about it ourselves, it will continue to be messed up forever.  The industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and continues to grow financially year after year but yet so does worldwide obesity.  Worldwide obesity is at an all-time high with ~1.4 billion people on the planet overweight with ~500 million of this population being obese.  America is the heaviest nation with close to 70% of adults being overweight with half of this population being obese.  Here is the problem in a nutshell:

  • People want to lose weight fast.  If there was a “magic pill” to lose weight, even better.  Weight loss supplements are based on this and many lack properly designed clinical studies to support their claims.
  • The industry continues to structure programs and products around what people want.  Give people what they want and it sells.   
  • Give people what they want and it sells and they fail within a few months only to buy another program the following year - - - it’s a business person’s dream come true!!!
  • As a result, the financial success of the industry is thriving on our failures.  The industry is flooded with numerous lose weight fast programs that drastically drop calories and radically change food choices in a single day.  You can’t go from eating 3000 plus calories a day down to 1200 calories in a single day along with running out to the supermarket to completely change all your food choices.  Sure you are going to lose weight fast with this approach.  However, you will also be miserable with cravings and mood swings.  No wonder why we keep failing with this approach.
  • Think about it, you can’t run a marathon tomorrow or just decide to learn a new language in one day, so why do we continue to think that we can take decades of poor eating and exercise habits and change them by drastically dropping calories and radically changing food choices in single day?


Have a little patience and an open mind and I will show you an easy, inexpensive way to a new you.



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