Posted by Harry Suiter on Mar 27, 2015 under

If you are overweight or obese (and want to lose weight), stop eating salad for lunch! Here’s why... Eating a green leafy salad with a few croutons and salad dressing is ~200-250 calories. Top it off with a light breakfast prior, by the time you get home for dinner you are starving and typically end up eating way too much in the evenings. This actually slows down your metabolism and causes it to store more fat. Start taking steps today by learning calories with a calorie app for the foods you are eating, and then make one simple change – start eating more of those calories earlier in the day and less in the evenings. My program has people eating six times a day and it is easy to do with bringing protein bars, fruit, etc. with you to work for a quick snack between meals. And another benefit - you are not starving by dinner. It’s that simple to get started.

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