In late February 2014, I launched my book with so much energy, enthusiasm and passion.  I was confident in my program and my ability to transform a seriously broken weight loss industry.  I was confident that I would quickly gain momentum and be recognized by a celebrity to help get the word out of a great weight loss program that is more focused on life than it is a diet.  I have even sent books to Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, Dr. Oz, Matt Lauer and our first lady Michelle Obama just to name a few. 


I have contacted many people on twitter and many news stations directly.  My very first response on this journey was a returned package from Matt Lauer that was not even opened (no offense taken Matt, the world is filled with crazy people and I understand the rationale).   Since I am an optimist, I showed this package to my children and told them, “One day I will hand deliver this to Matt Lauer when his staff calls me for an interview”.  I want to be clear though that this is not arrogance driving me (and yes I realize Matt most likely will never call me).  This is just a reflection of my continued energy, enthusiasm and passion for wanting to help hundreds of millions of people worldwide with a onetime low cost solution to lose weight for life.


So what keeps my spirits and energy high?  I have had many wins along the way.  I am up to greater than 8300 Facebook likes.  I received many positive reviews on Amazon (and only have one critic thus far) and also have a few great reviews on  The Whitehouse even sent me a thank you letter signed by the president and first lady acknowledging they received the books that I sent.  But the thing that fuels me the most on this journey is helping people. People like you, your family, your neighbor, your friends.  Words cannot express how good it feels to help people improve their lives; I get the chills every time and a greater sense of purpose in this life.  So in closing, it is not a question of “if this small fish will succeed in transforming the weight loss industry”, it is only a question of “when”.   Until next time, God Bless.

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