Posted by Harry Suiter on Nov 15, 2014 under

Hi Everyone! November and December is by far the worst time to start a diet.  In the U.S. it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, lots of shopping and plenty of year-end celebrations in between.  So who needs the added stress of a diet?  But what if that diet was like no other diet out there and was a realistic approach to losing weight that worked with your current food choices as a starting point?  Here is what’s required to start my program:


  •  Read the book (only a few hours)
  • Spend the first week making absolutely no changes to your current diet other than spending some time learning calories for the foods you currently are eating (MyFitness Pal is a great free calorie app).
  •  After the baseline calories are established, Level 1 of my program involves a slight calorie reduction and a very small modification in food choices (~90% of your current food choices remain the same).  And you stay at Level 1 for as long as you need to prior to advancing to additional levels.


So imagine, not having to run out to the grocery store and buying all new healthy food, not having to prepare meals to follow a strict diet, and not having to eat like a rabbit to lose weight!  Imagine starting now with an easy to follow approach vs. packing on another 5-10 pounds in November and December which will add more stress and pressure to take a crash diet approach again in January.


In closing, you can have very Happy Holidays in November and December and still lose a few pounds.  Have a little patience and open mind and I will show you and easy way to a new you.

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