Let’s face it, losing weight is tough journey and it took me over 15 years of my own failures to develop this program. In the later chapters of my book, I share many of my struggles and how I was able to overcome these obstacles. Just wanted to share a quick story from Chapter 17, Change the Game. ... Luckily for me, my sense of humor also passed down to my daughter… :-)  

“This chapter covers additional strategies for achieving your weight-loss goals. The first concept is creating a sphere of positive energy around you by engaging friends and family on your journey. I chose my wife and children as my positive sphere of energy. I engaged them one day by writing a note of what I would accomplish in the next fifty days. This note included weight-loss goals, not drinking alcohol for fifty days, and finishing three chapters of this book. I signed the note and hung it on the refrigerator one morning without telling them. When I came home from work that day, my thirteen-year-old daughter greeted me by saying, “Dad, you are a dork!!! Do you realize you can just talk to us and not leave formal letters signed on the refrigerator???” We all got a big laugh out of this. But what they did not realize is that I was sick and tired of verbally telling them that “my diet starts Monday,” and I needed a new way to state my commitment and engage them on my journey. Because I took this new approach of engaging them, they were influenced and curious about my progress throughout the fifty days. Not only did I accomplish my goals in fifty days, I used this approach again later in the year.”

Key point here is that having a positive support group for your journey will be very helpful. Having someone to talk to about challenges and realizing you are perfectly normal to have a bad day every now and then. I still have these days myself. The program is about the big picture/journey, not obsessing about every bite.

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