Posted by Harry Suiter on Oct 01, 2014 under

Here is a quick tip from people complaining on twitter. Focus on calorie values over food choices. If you eat 250 calories of fruit or a 250 calorie snickers bar, it is still 250 calories... I saw a woman on twitter complaining that her husband was not supportive of her diet. After I read a few of her posts, I realized she was miserable on her diet (she had tweets complaining about her diet and her husband). So I shared with her the following perspective...

Some people perceive diets as being unhappy, is there a chance your husband just wants you to be happy? Are you happy on your diet?

Key message, any diet that makes you miserable your chances of failure are high and you will also make the people in your life miserable as well. Find a program that you can be happy on (even if it is not this one)!

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