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Intro 1 Program Development and Overview from Change Control Diet® on Vimeo.


Program Highlights

- Behavioral weight loss program that promotes slow sustainable weight loss 

- It is based on the Change Control Diet book and the 5 A’s Behavior Change Model

- It is easily taught by health care providers

- It is potentially billable to insurance companies as an office visit for disease management for patients with obesity and comorbid medical conditions (Diabetes, CAD, HTN, OA, Sleep Apnea, etc.)

- There are no prescribed diets, prescriptions or supplements as part of the program

Intro 2 Implementing a Weight Loss Program in Your Practice from Change Control Diet® on Vimeo.

Patient Benefits

- A sustainable long term weight loss program that prescribes changes to a patient’s eating habit and activity level slowly over time

- Patients can go at their own pace

- Improved health and reduction of prescribed medications

- It is not a Fad Diet

Intro 3 Patient Results from Change Control Diet® on Vimeo.

Practice Benefits

- It can easily be run by Health Care Providers such as NP’s and PA’s

- The program is revenue generating with approximately 6 – 10 office visits per patient:

- Estimated revenue is $600 Per Patient

- 10 Patients = $6,000 in estimated revenue

- 100 Patients = $60,000 in estimated revenue

- Weight loss also improves trackable markers such as HGBA1c and BP thereby improving a practices statistics for reportable measures 

Program featured in Annals of Family Medicine May/June 2017 - Click HERE


Insurance Company Benefits

- Reduction in Medication Expenses

- Eliminating a brand name diabetic Rx can save $3,000 - $5,000 per year!

- Healthier patients have lower health care costs